At the Haggen Pharmacy, you can:

Transfer your prescription from another pharmacy

Your time is precious and fewer errands is always a good thing! Transfer your prescriptions to the Haggen Pharmacy and conveniently pick them up during your regular shopping trips. What could be easier?

Manage your family’s prescriptions online

Managing prescriptions for yourself and your family has never been more convenient. Set up a Haggen Pharmacy account; it's fast, easy & free!

Log-in or set-up your free online pharmacy account

Refill your prescription fast

Are you running low on a prescription and need to order a refill fast? We make it easy and convenient with no login required.

Request a refill

Have your prescription automatically refilled

Set up auto refill for your prescription and we'll track when it's time to reorder and notify you when it's ready for pick-up. Request auto refill at your Haggen pharmacy, then forget it. You can be confident knowing that we won’t!

Download our mobile app to put Haggen Pharmacy at your fingertips

The Haggen Pharmacy App for Apple and Android devices makes managing your prescriptions even easier!

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Even manage your pet's prescriptions

Your pets are members of the family, so why not manage their prescriptions along with everyone else's? Nearly half of all pet prescriptions are available as human medications that can be filled right here, while you shop.

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Learn how to dispose of unused medicines

FDA Guidelines for Drug Disposal


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