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Produce Market

Produce Market

Farm to market

At Haggen, helping you eat healthy is the most important thing we do. That’s why our Produce Department is such an integral part of every store. We’re dedicated to offering the freshest, just-picked fruits and vegetables available, we’re committed to buying from local growers whenever possible and proudly offer a large selection of organics.

Walk into our produce department and feast your eyes on a bright array of colorful fruits and veggies perfectly ripe for the picking. Browse our crates piled high with freshly picked organic and local produce that’s delivered daily. 

At Haggen, we pride ourselves on bringing in the highest quality foods to our stores in the shortest time possible. But it goes deeper than that. It starts with the soil, water and air. We have profound respect for the hands that plant, nourish and nurture the crops that end up on your table. The freshness of our produce is the direct result of the knowledge and relationships that enable our buyers to pick the best of the harvest.

Curious about a new vegetable variety or looking for a specific fruit? Ask one of our produce employees. We’d love you to see what we can find. We’ve developed a large network of farmers throughout the West Coast to supply our stores with the most abundant, fresh, nutrient-rich selection of seasonal produce. 

Nurturing our partnerships with our farmers is just one more way we’re committed to supporting local communities. We work hard to source our produce from hyper-local farms whenever possible. That means stocking our produce department with fruits and vegetables grown in or around the communities that make up your neighborhood.