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Butcher Shop

Fresh, local, responsibly raised

Haggen’s Meat Department is dedicated to serving fresh, local, sustainably raised beef, pork and poultry. Working with local ranchers lessens our carbon impact. Plus, it ensures we know them and their practices on a deeper level, so you get the freshest, healthiest meat possible.

Some of the most memorable gatherings happen around great meals and our butchers are proud of the role they play in that. From dinner parties to barbecues, fresh, high-quality meat never disappoints. 

Whether you’re in the mood for sustainable beef, free-range poultry or all natural pork, we offer countless meal inspirations. The folks at our meat counter are glad to help with cooking advice or tips for selecting the best cut. We always accept pre-orders or special orders, so please stop in or call your local store.

We’ve developed long-standing relationships—we call them friendships—with the ranchers and farmers that supply us with our local meats. Some of these partnerships date back more than 80 years. It’s this first-name basis that lets us verify where our food is from, a concept that’s important to our family, and we’re sure yours, too. 

Ensuring the meat we provide our customers is sustainably and humanly raised is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we’re proud to partner with companies like Double R Ranch Beef whose commitment to animal welfare was developed by leading industry expert Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned proponent of animal welfare. Our desire to protect our natural resources is reflected in our efforts to source environmentally sustainable meats from ranches that share our passion for the environment through green programs like renewable hydroelectric power, local crop sourcing, nutrient-rich compost for local farmers, and water reclamation.

To say we’re excited to provide our guests with some of the freshest meat available on the West Coast is an understatement. But that commitment is really best understood at our meat counter. We invite you to come take a look for yourself.