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Ferndale Farmstead

Ferndale, WA

Ferndale-Farmstead-Daniel-1200x628Between Puget Sound and Mt. Baker, within the farmlands of Whatcom County, Ferndale Farmstead’s Cheese Artisan, Daniel Wavrin, creates traditionally crafted cheeses in a closed-loop system. The grass they grow is fed to the cows they breed and raise that produce the milk which becomes your cheese. Their cheeses come to life under the principles of traditional Italian cheese making, with a focus always on purity and flavor.

Ferndale-Farmstead-FiordiLatte2-1200x1200Fior di Latte or “blossom of milk” translated in English, is a fresh, whole milk mozzarella with a delicate flavor and texture. Great as an ingredient in cooked dishes or marinate with your favorite balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper.

Ferndale-Farmstead-Caciotta2-1200x1200Caciotta A traditional Italian table cheese. Mild yet irresistible flavor with a soft texture, this cheese is tasty and versatile. Makes a great pairing with raspberries, apples and nuts, or atop crusty bread with beer or wine.

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