Health Screenings

Our pharmacies offer a variety of comprehensive health screenings. We’ve partnered with CoreMedica to offer non-invasive fingerstick blood testing. Once your tests are processed at CoreMedica’s laboratory, your results will be available at our pharmacy and online. Our pharmacists will carefully review the results with you and provide referrals or recommendations for lifestyle adjustments to help you take care of your health

Stop by your local pharmacy for a screening today!*

Test Price
Cholesterol, Total 24.99
HDL-C (Cholesterol) 24.99
Triglycerides (Cholesterol) 24.99
Lipids (LDL calc) (Cholesterol) 39.99
Lipids (LDL calc)/A1c (Cholesterol/Diabetes) 49.99
Lipids (LDL calc)/Glucose (Cholesterol/Diabetes) 44.99
Blood Glucose (Diabetes) 29.99
Hemoglobin A1c (Diabetes) 34.99
25-Hydroxyvitamin D (Vitamin D Deficiency) 49.99
Blood Cotinine (Nicotine Metabolite) 29.99
Blood Creatinine (Kidney Function) 29.99
Cortisol (Adrenal Function) 49.99
Ferritin (Iron Deficiency) 39.99
GGT (Liver Function) 29.99
hsCRP (Inflammatory) 39.99
PSA, Total (Prostate Health) 39.99
TSH (Thyroid Function) 29.99
Testosterone, Total 39.99


*Health screenings not available in NY. Restrictions apply.

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