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Chef Bryan’s 6 Summer Grilling Tips

Bryan WeenerBy Chef Bryan Weener, Haggen Market Street Catering Executive Chef
Our Market Street Catering chef, Bryan Weener, loves discovering new Northwest flavors and is an expert at integrating our local specialties into his seasonal catering menu. As Executive Chef, Bryan, has the distinction of working with a wide array of vendors and buyers who ensure that only the freshest, ripest and juiciest ingredients make it to our kitchen and to your plates.

How to be the envy of the neighborhood—Be the master of the grill

1. Look to your grill choice for picture perfect grill lines The heavier the grill grates the better. This means they will produce more radiant heat as opposed to heat straight from a flame. Heavy grill grates will make prettier marks on your meat and vegetable.


2. Regularly clean and oil grill grates Let your grill pre-warm for 10-25 minutes then scrape grates with a wire brush. With a rag dipped in vegetable oil rub the grates with oil. This will help “season” the metal. Before putting meat or vegetables on the grill, brush with oil. These two steps will ensure nothing will stick to the grill.

3. Seasoning is (literally) the spice of life Always season your meat and vegetables with kosher salt or sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

4. Always allow your meat to rest before digging in Give your meat 10-15 minutes to rest on a grate after it is finished cooking. Cooking creates pressure like air in a balloon so cutting into a steak right after it comes off the grill allows the hot juices to escape all over your cutting board.

5. Save the saucing for last Always brush sugary sauces and glazes during the last five minutes of cooking. Any sooner and heat will just burn up the sugar.

6. The Pizza Grilling Rule – don’t do it I’m not sure who came up with this ridiculous idea of grilling pizza, but it’s a bad one. Save the pizza pie for the oven.

Order Our Summertime Grilling Package

Have an upcoming BBQ event? Let our Market Street Catering team craft a full backyard BBQ spread for you and your partygoers. Choose from four BBQ meat options with all the sides and fixings. Order online or give us a call at 360.647.4325 to place your Grilling Package order today.


Chef Bryan grills salmon fillets for a summer wedding.


Summertime Grilling Package

Available in Whatcom & Skagit Counties

Choose your meat
Skagit Valley fresh BBQ chicken with ancho molasses
BBQ sauce Hand-pressed Double R Ranch ground chuck 1/3lb burgers with all the fixings
House smoked chili cider glazed pork ribs (1/3 rack per person)
Fresh grilled wild salmon with citrus aioli or ginger honey lemon glaze (6 oz per person)

Package includes the following side dishes
Choice of garden green salad or classic Caesar salad
Housemade buttery cornbread with butter pats
Old fashioned potato salad
Smokey baked beans Summertime basil lemonade

Add a dessert
Bowl of fresh watermelon pieces
Berry shortcake with vanilla bean whipped cream
Housemade cookies and brownie bites


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