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Seafood Market

Seafood Market

100% Sustainable

as rated by Seafood Watch and partner Eco Certifications

With the standards set in place by Fishwise and Seafood Watch and its trusted Certification partners (MSC, ASC, and BAP), Haggen offers only sustainable fresh seafood. This means you’ll only find seafood that meets Fishwise Seafood Watch and their Eco Certification partners certifications of Green “Best Choice”, Yellow “Good Alternative” and “Good Alternative equivalent or better” in our Seafood Department. Sustainably sourced seafood protects the future availability of seafood as well as the livelihood of fishing communities. You can also feel good about choosing seafood that preserves a balanced ocean environment, which will yield a healthy seafood supply in the future.

What makes seafood sustainable?

To be sustainable, our suppliers provide wild or farmed seafood that can maintain or increase production without jeopardizing the structure and function of existing ecosystems. Fishwise, Seafood Watch and their Eco Certification partners monitor the method, location of harvest and type or method of harvest.

Understanding sustainable labels

Green “Best Choice” labeled seafood poses little to no impact on the environment, future populations and other species. Yellow “Good Alternative” labeled seafood indicates one or more known issues with the fishery yet an improvement plan is in place and this seafood is still a sustainable choice.

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Fresh from our Ocean


By working with suppliers who meet our certification standards “Best Choice” and “Good Alternative”, Haggen only offers eco-friendly fresh seafood choices that are fully traceable all the way through the supply chain with stringent coding practices and documentation.

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