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All partnerships for the 2021 fundraising campaigns have been identified. To be considered for a partnership in future fundraising campaigns, local nonprofits MUST:

• Have received their 501(c)(3) from the Internal Revenue Service or are an educational foundation for schools/school districts serving students grades K-12

• Meet specific initiative criteria for partnership (eligibility criteria listed below)

• Provide services in the communities Haggen serves

If all the below criteria are met, we would love to hear from you. Click here to complete a quick informational form.

Partnership Eligibility Criteria

Youth & Education

Initiative: Haggen will maximize the potential and success of the youth in our communities through partnerships with organizations that provide opportunities, resources and a great education to all students.

Eligibility Criteria: This initiative will allow Haggen to support school districts, youth programs and local scholarships through community foundations.

Community Wellness

Initiative: Haggen will cultivate the health, resiliency and wellbeing of our communities by working with local agencies to create vibrant neighborhoods where people love to live.

Eligibility Criteria: This initiative will allow Haggen to support organizations that offer family support, youth programs and services to veterans. scholarships through community foundations.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Initiative: Haggen will partner with organizations that make positive social changes to ensure our community members live a healthy and fully inclusive life.

Eligibility Criteria: This initiative will allow Haggen to partner with organizations that support individuals with disabilities, promote equal rights and inclusion and fuel breakthroughs in disease research and the advancement of care.


Initiative: Haggen will be part of the solution to end hunger in our communities.

Eligibility Criteria: This initiative will support local food banks, senior centers and organizations supporting meal distribution.

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