Haggen Food & Pharmacy

Community Giving

Community Giving

Since 1933 Haggen Food & Pharmacy has been a welcoming neighbor and faithful partner, always willing to lend a helping hand. Through collaborations with hyper local non-profit organizations, in-kind donations, and in-store engagement, our Community Giving program brings positive, lasting change to the communities we serve.

Focused Giving

Over $2 Million granted to local organizations, projects and community events in 2021

We identified four priority areas within our Community Giving program that matter most to us. Concentrating our attention on these areas allows us to make intentional, positive changes through purposeful grants to charitable organizations (by invitation only) within the communities that Haggen serves.

Click here to find out how non-profit organizations can be considered as a beneficiary for future fundraising campaigns.


Making a positive impact within the communities it serves is at the core of everything Haggen does and since 2010 Haggen Food and Pharmacy has been awarding college scholarships. Explore the various scholarships that Haggen contributes to and the scholarships Haggen established.

  • Haggen Food & Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Hannah Dashiell Memorial Scholarship
  • GBRC & Haggen Scholarship
  • The Lee Reynolds Memorial Scholarship