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Dog Treats That Get the “Paws Up”

Blue-Dog-Bakery200We are proud to feature two Pacific Northwest companies that are pouring their hearts into making—and baking—delicious and nutritious treats for our canine friends. 

Seattle-based Blue Dog Bakery bakes their treats using the highest quality ingredients—no artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors—just the best fixings for man’s best friend. Flavors include Peanut Butter and Molasses, Natural Cheese, Grilled Chicken, and Bacon and Cheese. They are “pawsitively” scrumptious!

Howlin-Goodies-Bulk-Dog-Treats300Over in Monroe, Wet Noses makes all their products from tasty, natural, organic ingredients so you know you are treating your pooch to the best. As owner Jasmine Lybrand says, “If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to your dog.” Wet Noses has unique flavor combinations that your dog is sure to enjoy including Washington Apple and Carrot, Sweet Potato, and Peanut Butter and Fresh Banana. These treats are great for training, stuffing toys, and every day rewards. 

Apart from creating great products, both companies are committed to sustainable practices and working to support their communities. For example, recognizing increased demand at food banks to feed not just hungry families, but also hungry pets, Blue Dog Bakery donates to local food banks across the country through the Pet Treat Pantry program. As for Wet Noses, they are giving back to Monroe by supporting the city’s 15 parks with disposable dog waste bags to help ensure that these spaces are clean to play in and waste doesn’t enter the Snohomish River as a result of rain runoff. 

So in this benevolent season, ‘give a dog a bone,’ support a great business, and do your own bit of good for your community!


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