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The First Step To Healthy Living? Healthy Shopping

Most of us realize we could probably stand to eat and live a little healthier. Of course, knowing that and doing it are two totally different things. See: deep-fried cheese, couch-potatoing, etc.

Fortunately, Haggen can help you find ways to live healthier in every aisle and every corner of our stores. We have more fresh and local produce. More local meat and dairy. More fresh, scratch-made bakery items made with local, sustainable flour. More non-GMO, organic and gluten-free items. And health and beauty departments with a wide variety of traditional, homeopathic and natural products. 

At Haggen, the story behind the food we offer is just as important as the food itself. Fresh. Local. Sustainable. Organic. To us, those aren’t buzzwords. They’re how we see the world, how we want to feed our families and how we hope to help you feed yours. 

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is probably the biggest key to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Haggen has so many great relationships with local farmers. And in the dark months of winter and early spring when finding local produce can be a challenge, our broader network of producers helps us keep our stores and your fridge stocked.

A great way to make sure your family eats enough veggies is to find new, less boring ways to serve them. You’ll find delicious ideas for vegetables, meat, fish, salads, drinks and more at

You can feel good about eating sustainably produced, fresh and organic foods. Our partnerships with local and sustainable meat producers ensure you get the freshest, healthiest meat possible. Tender, Northwest-raised USDA Choice Double R Ranch Beef beef. Free range and organic chicken. And all natural pork.

That’s also why Haggen partners with local dairies to bring you the freshest milk and eggs possible. All our milk is rBST free and we offer a variety of organic, all natural and grass fed milks. We also feature a wide range of cage free, organic and pasture raised eggs

One aspect of healthy living that doesn’t get enough attention has to do with reducing stress. Simple as it sounds, Haggen can help you do just that by helping you cut the number of errands you run. From great values on everyday groceries down the center aisles, to our in-store pharmacies, to our wide variety of natural health and beauty products, you can cross off a bunch of errands under one roof. Fewer trips means less stress. 

Finally, Haggen is a huge supporter of healthy living. But we’re also big believers in moderation. As nutritious as broccoli is, you can’t live by cruciferous veggies alone. Well, you probably can, but it wouldn’t be much fun. So, remember to treat yourself to one of our famous, scratch-made donuts on occasion. You’ll be glad you did.


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Salmon Recipe Roundup
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