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Salmon Season Is Here

Springtime means the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Northwest salmon season! First to arrive are the world-renowned Sockeye salmon from Copper River, followed by Coho in late July. Haggen is proud to work with fisheries that are certified sustainably managed, ensuring that all of the fresh seafood in our stores is 100% sustainably fished.

Haggen 100% Sustainable Seafood

We deliver exceptionally high-quality salmon thanks to our long relationships with our fishers, the expertise and experience of our seafood buyer, and our commitment to sourcing only sustainable products. Stop by your Haggen seafood department today and check out the catch of the day. Our seafood experts will gladly recommend recipes, fillet a fish or tell you more about the health benefits of adding seafood to your diet.

Bristol Bay, Alaska: One of the Best Sources in the Pacific Northwest

Bristol Bay, Alaska is truly a national treasure, offering not only pristine waters and breathtaking vistas, but vital sustenance and nourishment. The fishers here are keenly aware that this is the world’s most valuable remaining wild salmon fishery and home to the world’s largest sockeye salmon run, so they treat the fish and their habitat with deep respect. This commercial fishery supports more than 14,000 jobs and generates more than $1.5 billion in revenue every year, sustaining the region’s economy and supporting thousands of American families.

Every pound of salmon purchased at Haggen also supports the nonprofit Bristol Bay Economic Development Company (BBEDC) which provides education opportunities and community support to the rural fishing villages of the area.

Bristol Bay salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and protein, making it a smart choice for a delicious meal any night of the week. It’s prized by restaurant chefs and home cooks alike for its bright color and distinctive flavor, and the firm meat is incredibly versatile and simple to prepare—Bristol Bay salmon is delicious broiled, poached, seared or grilled.

Salmon from the Pacific Northwest


King: The largest of its species and known
for its high oil content and distinctive,
rich flavor. Perfect for roasting or the grill.

Catch areas: SE Alaska, Prince William Sound


Keta: A plentiful fish with firm pink flesh
and mild flavor. Low temperature cooking
is recommended due to its low oil content.
Very good for smoking.

Catch areas: Johnstone Strait


Pink: The smallest, most plentiful species.
Delicate flavor with light pink flesh.
Best if poached or sautéed.

Catch areas:
British Columbia, Legoe Bay


Sockeye: One of the most abundant salmon with
deep red, firm flesh and delectable flavor. This salmon
is high in fat and is also great on the grill.

Catch areas: Copper River, Bristol Bay, Prince William
Sound, Kodiak, Resurrection Bay, Cook Inlet


Coho: Slightly milder than King or Sockeye.
Just enough fat to grill or bake;
equally good smoked or poached.

Catch areas: Kuskokwim, Prince William Sound, Kodiak,
Cook Inlet, Copper River, Bristol Bay

Illustration credit: artbyciara
Photo credit: Katheryn Moran Photography


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