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Infusing Flavor into Barbecued Food

Haggen has a great selection of condiments and methods that will enhance the flavor of your BBQ foods.


Applied at the end of the grilling process, sauces amp up the flavor of meat. Choose a traditional BBQ sauce or experiment with exotic sauces. Brush sauce onto meat just before it’s done cooking, allowing for multiple applications. Be careful not to burn once applied.


Tenderize meat and allow deep flavor penetration with marinades. Marinades keep meats moist and tender by combining an acidic ingredient with complimentary herbs and seasonings.


Enhance the barbeque process with an earthy, pungent aroma from your favorite herbs right on the grill. Just a handful of herbs will do–either spread right above the coals or flame, or wrap in a foil packet with your ingredients. They will smoke, enticing your senses and preparing the palate.


A rub will flavor meat in 1-2 hours (additional time is fine). Rubs give the meat a crispy outside texture once grilled, plus they are less messy to eat than sauces or marinades. Rubs consist of a combination of salts, spices, herbs and sugar.

Wood Chips

The essence of BBQ can be found in the history of cooking over a wood fire. Grilling with hardwood chips such as alder, hickory, fruit wood, or oak releases delicious aromas and flavors your foods with woodsy notes. Chips burn fast, so you may need to replace them during your grilling process. Soak chips in water for at least an hour before you start grilling, and wrap chips in foil, poking holes in the foil for the aromatic smoke to escape. Planks can also add flavor to fish, but be sure to soak plank in water for 2 hours before grilling.



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