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Local Salish Sea Halibut Coming Mid-March

Just for the (local) Halibut

Fresh Salish Sea halibut’s comeback

For years, our local Salish Sea halibut was thought to be a thing of the past, but thanks to sustainable fishing methods and environmental protection efforts this fishery is now thriving and abundant. Haggen is proud to partner with sustainable, local fisheries to bring this exquisitely flavored fish back to your table. To keep Salish Sea halibut available for years to come, the season is only open for a few weeks in March.

Exquisite flavor from our Salish Sea

The unique habitat in the Salish Sea provides the halibut with a rich diet of spot prawns and Dungeness crab and a protected environment, yielding a premium halibut with exquisite flavor. Considered one of the best tasting halibuts in the world, fresh Salish Sea halibut has a flavorful, tender bite that will long be remembered.


Season opens for a few weeks in mid-March

In March, the Salish Sea halibut fishing season opens, and tribal fishers will race out to the San Juan Islands to set their gear and bring in the season’s first halibut. Anticipation and excitement is in the air, because this special halibut’s availability has been scarce for years.

The freshest catch-delivered daily

Our partners at Lummi Island Wild will be out on the grounds with their tender, The Galactic Ice. Once the halibut are in, they are cleaned and shipped the same day to Haggen Seafood departments.

*Availability is based on weather and fishing conditions.

Pictured at top right: Dana Wilson & Lucas Kinley, 3rd Generation Tribal Fishers


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