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Kuterra Land Raised Salmon

Kuterra-Land-Raised-Salmon-1080x1080Raised inland just off the coast of Vancouver Island near Alert Bay, Kuterra Land Raised Salmon is the only west coast sustainably farmed salmon. Kuterra Salmon uses a contained recirculating aquaculture system that does not impact local waters giving it a BEST CHOICE sustainability rating by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Their commitment to the environment and community extends across a variety of eco-conscious efforts that include:

  • 98% of water is reused and recycled using biofilters
  • 30% less feed used compared to ocean farming methods
  • Farm waste is confirmed to compost
  • Land raised protects marine environments
  • No antibiotics or pesticides
  • Traceable
  • Non-GMO

Kuterra Salmon is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and essential nutrients like vitamin D, B vitamins and antioxidants making this a fresh, firm premium quality salmon that’s available all year round.

Why is Haggen selling farmed salmon?

This new option gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a fresh, local and affordable source for salmon year-round. This particular salmon is raised sustainably in a closed system and doesn’t pose the issues that traditional farmed salmon does.

Why Atlantic salmon?

Atlantic salmon tends to grow well on a farm, but more importantly, it’s the salmon of choice for millions of seafood fans. This salmon variety is the most versatile in cooking, and it’s full-flavored and contains higher levels of the sought-after beneficial fats. Kuterra wants to lead the way in meeting this demand for Atlantic salmon with farming practices that don’t harm the environment.

Where is the salmon raised?

Kuterra’s closed containment recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility is located in ‘Namgis First Nation traditional territory on Northern Vancouver Island near Port McNeill, British Columbia. The salmon is raised on land, preventing any possibility of mixing with wild populations and avoiding the bycatch and habitat issues that plague traditionally farmed salmon operations.

Why is Kuterra salmon considered sustainable?

Raising salmon on land is an efficient, environmentally sustainable alternative to older industry methods.

  • It eliminates the need for antibiotics.
  • It protects the marine and land environment from contamination.
  • It requires 30 percent less feed than older ocean fish farming methods.

How can the fish be happy when they have to grow in a container?

Salmon are schooling fish. Even when salmon have the whole ocean available to swim in, they usually school up in close groups, which seems to be their choice rather than a source of stress. Kuterra’s containers are designed to give fish closeness along with plenty of swimming room. In choosing our specifications, we’re guided by the fish, choosing the amount of room that gives fish plenty of exercise and doesn’t produce signs of stress.

How can growing fish on land possibly be energy efficient?

Kuterra reuses and recycles most of their water with biofilters. These biofilters are colonies of special bacteria that feed on the waste from the fish and clean the recycled water naturally.

  • They reduce the amount of heating and power needed by reusing the heat that is given off by the bodies of the fish as they grow.
  • Farming on land reduces transportation costs and it means they don’t need diesel generators (except as part of their emergency backup measures). Kuterra uses the newest energy-saving technologies throughout their farm.

Is Kuterra salmon genetically modified?


What does “Kuterra” mean?

Kutala means salmon in the language of the ‘Namgis people. Terra means land. And Kuterra means salmon from the land.


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