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A Full Season of Salmon


Here in the Pacific Northwest, when we think of seafood, we usually think of wild salmon. No other fish better represents the region than salmon—it’s part of our natural environment, cultural history, and culinary tradition. 

What makes salmon so special? This fish delivers both delicious flavor and healthful benefits. Wild salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to cardiovascular health and reduced blood pressure.

Stop by your Haggen seafood department today and check out the catch of the day. Our seafood experts are happy to recommend recipes, fillet a fish or tell you more about the healthy benefits of adding seafood to your diet.

Experience a full season of salmon at Haggen

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This chart indicates key harvesting periods. Salmon is available frozen year-round. Fishing may be subject to sporadic openings and closings, the top priority being preservation of the fisheries for future generations. 

We deliver exceptionally high-quality salmon thanks to our long relationships with our fishers, the expertise and experience of our seafood buyer, and our commitment to source local, sustainable products.

“There is no better place on Earth to buy fresh Pacific salmon than at Haggen!” says Amber Thunder Eagle, seafood buyer at Haggen. “We personally know many of the fishers that pull these prized fish from pristine waters.” 

Fresh sustainably harvested salmon choices are plentiful at Haggen

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