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The Summer Scoop

Chill out with local artisan ice creams

The Northwest is known for its abundance of microbreweries. Washington state has renowned vineyards and wineries and don’t get us started on the world-class berries grown right in our backyards. But did you know our region is also rich with local ice creameries? In fact, Haggen has one of the most robust assortments of artisan ice creams, custards, sorbets and gelatos—many of them from Northwest ice cream makers who use fresh locally-sourced ingredients in their handcrafted frozen treats.

Snoqualmie Ice Cream from Maltby, WA

Made in small batches with high butterfat, simple ingredients and milk sourced from family farms, Snoqualmie Ice Cream crafts ice cream, custard, gelato and sorbet that pay homage to their roots with flavors like Mukilteo Mudd and Cascade Mountain Blackberry.

Red Wagon Creamery from Eugene, OR

Inspired by a childhood memory of selling homemade ice cream from a red wagon, this Eugene-based creamery sources fresh milk from local dairy farmers and pasteurizes it during the ice cream making process—giving it that old fashioned, rich flavor that only real, honest ingredients can create.

Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company from Freeland, WA

Using only the highest quality ingredients and crafting their ice cream by hand, Whidbey Island Ice Cream delivers a smooth, creamy experience that’s rivaled by few. An Oregon farm, Lochmead Dairy provides their rich, 18% butterfat, hormone-free cream and the berries swirled into their delectable frozen treats are grown right in Skagit Valley, Washington.

Lopez Island Creamery from Anacortes, WA

More than 20 years ago on the tiny island of Lopez in the San Juan Islands, the first recipes for this locally inspired ice cream were crafted with love. Today, they have wide assortment of flavors including some of our summer favorites like Wild Blackberry, Cherry Amarretto and Clearly Coconut.

Edaleen Dairy from Lynden, WA

In the true farm-to-table fashion, Edaleen Dairy’s family farm in Lynden is home to 2,500 milking Holstein cows that produce some amazing milk that’s perfect for deliciously rich Northwest-made ice cream.

Winegars Ice Cream from Ellensburg, WA

Winegars Homemade Ice Cream is a family business, and the names of the flavors tell the story of that family. From the oldest Winegar “GarryDough” to the youngest “Kurtis Caramel Cloud,” the entire family has their hand in the making of this high-quality ice cream.

ice-cream-katymoran-pinterestDIY Ice Cream Sandwich

Place two cookies bottom side up.

Take frozen ice cream out of the freezer. Do not thaw beforehand as melting will happen quite quickly. Scoop the ice cream in strips, not round scoops, and stack strips on one cookie.

Top with other cookie. Eat and enjoy, now before it melts!


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