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A Taste of Spring

As the fields and yards around us explode into new, bright green growth, so should our meals. Asparagus, leeks, peas and fennel—alone or together—ensure that your dinner table is not only beautiful, but bursting with fresh, nutritious flavor.

Take Stalk

Asparagus is versatile enough to make it to your table several nights a week!

Grill Friends

Skewer a few stalks of trimmed asparagus crosswise, then place on a medium grill, baste with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Dipping Stalks

Freshly grilled asparagus make delightful dippers. Dip into a lemony garlic aioli, or wrap the ends in prosciutto and dunk into velvety hollandaise sauce.


Tasty Ribbons

Blanch asparagus, then strip ribbons from the stalk with a vegetable peeler. Toss in a green salad, or use as a garnish for poached salmon.

Spring Soup

Blend grilled asparagus with a cooked potato, some fresh basil, Greek yogurt and a bit of broth. Serve warm or chilled.


Spring Green Risotto

With a couple of simple tips, you’ll find that risotto can be the easy weeknight meal you’ve been dreaming of. The trick is all in the cooking time. If the heat is too low, you’ll end up with sticky grains of rice; too hot, and, you’ll end up with rice that’s crunchy. But when you cook it just right, you’ll have tender grains with a satisfying al dente bite in the center. Add in some fresh-grated cheese and peak-of-the-season veggies, and you’ll always have an adaptable, delicious dish in your repertoire. Get the recipe here.



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