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Pike Place Brewery

Seattle, WA

Pioneering Washington craft beer

Charles and Rose Ann Finkel

Although there are more than 160 breweries in Washington, one stands out as a pioneer that has helped launch the state’s craft beer movement: Pike Brewing Company.

Charles and Rose Ann Finkel opened their business in the old LaSalle Hotel on Western Avenue, later moving a block over. They sold the brewery in 1997 only to buy it back in 2006 when they saw it was being neglected.

Their original goal was to develop world class ale to accompany great food, and with the reacquisition, they did just that. Pike Brewing Company has won gold medals at world beer competitions, with their Pike IPA and Old Bawdy being touted as two of the three-hundred beers to “try before you die.” Charles also received a lifetime achievement award in recognition of PBC’s success.

You too can taste a piece of history while supporting a local company with world-recognized brews. Cheers!

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