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Earth Friendly Products

Natural & Green Cleaning Products

Earth Friendly Products was founded in 1967 by Van Vlahakis as a dedication to providing superior cleaning results through true green practices. By removing the toxic dyes and preservatives used in conventional detergents and owning their own production facilities, they are able to offer over 150 of the most effective plant-based green cleaners on the market at lower prices than competitors. Since they control their manufacturing, Earth Friendly Products assures the highest standards of quality control and total commitment to sustainability.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency awarded Earth Friendly Products its Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative Champion level recognition, as well as a 100% Green Power User distinction for the company’s use of clean, renewable energy from solar, wind and low impact hydropower.

Giving back to the community is a cornerstone of Earth Friendly Products. As the largest manufacturer of natural cleaning products in the USA, with five manufacturing facilities, Earth Friendly Products creates jobs in the U.S., sources raw materials in the U.S. and helps sustain local businesses. They continuously aim to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and products throughout the company’s life cycle.

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