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November is National Diabetes Month

It’s common to feel overwhelmed, sad, or angry when you are living with a chronic disease such as diabetes. Many people know WHAT to do to improve their health; it’s figuring out HOW to do it and fit it into their daily routine that’s challenging. For example, people know that being physically active can help them lose weight. But do they know how to take the necessary steps to become more physically active and keep it up over time?

In observance of National Diabetes Month, NDEP (National Diabetes Education Program) and its partners are Changing the Way Diabetes Is Treated by working together to help people better understand HOW to make the necessary changes in their day-to-day life in order to prevent type 2 diabetes, manage their diabetes to prevent complications, and live healthier lives.

Do you need to make a change to prevent type 2 diabetes or manage diabetes-related health problems? We have tools that can help. Choose a tab below based on what you need.

Help me make a plan.
Help me find tools to reach my goals.
Make a Plan

This tool can help you think about what is important to your health and how to make a plan to take small, but important steps to help you reach your goal.

“Haga un plan” en español


Discuss how your plan is working for you each time you visit your health care team.


I need tools to help me meet my goal. Help me:


Discuss how your plan is working for you each time you visit your health care team.



Know someone with Diabetes and want to learn more? Visit the links above. World Diabetes day is November 14.


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