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“Thin to Win” Tri-Tip Roast Carving Technique

Haggen’s Double R Ranch tri-tip roast is a delicious, lean, boneless cut that’s easily recognized by its triangular shape. It’s excellent grilled or roasted, and any leftovers make mouthwatering sandwiches. The trick to unrivaled tenderness is how you cut it. Before preparing, take a moment to examine your tri-tip and note the direction of the muscle fiber running along the roast. After cooking, allow to rest for about 15 minutes and carve the roast against the grain in order make it easier to eat and to avoid any stringiness. Watch Haggen Chef Bryan to learn more about this “Thin to Win” technique.

Try Haggen Double R Ranch tri-tip roast with our Cowboy Rub, which infuses a unique mix of spices and flavors including coriander, black pepper and coffee into our quality Double R Ranch beef. Double R ranchers take great pride in the beef they produce and only the best beef meets the exacting criteria required to carry the Double R Ranch name. All Double R Ranch Northwest beef is hand-sorted and includes only USDA Choice quality grade or higher. Learn more about their ranch-to-table approach.

Cowboy Rub Double R Ranch Tri-Tip 

Recipe by Haggen Chef Bryan

  • 1 Double R Ranch tri-tip
  • Oil
  • Kosher salt, to taste
  • ½ cup coriander
  • ½ cup black pepper
  • ½ cup coffee, ground

Combine rub ingredients and place in large shallow bowl or pan.

Brush tri-tip with oil and season with salt then press tri-tip into rub mixture.

Roast or grill to preferred doneness.


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