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The Makings of a Festive Charcuterie Board

In the search for the highest quality charcuterie, look no further than your local Haggen delicatessen. We carry an abundance of carefully cured sausages, finely sliced meats and all the sweet and crunchy accompaniments to go along with them. A well planned charcuterie board is perfect with cocktails before the main event and an easy to prepare appetizer for a stress-free holiday gathering. Using our simple pairing strategy you’ll have a gourmet smorgasbord ready for your holiday guests in no time.

1. A Cured Sausage

Try some spicy sopressata or a dry-cured chorizo.

2. Whole Muscle Cut

These cured or smoked meats include prosciutto, bresaola (beef prosciutto), cappicola and smoked hams.

3. Pâté or Mousse

Choose either a hearty and coarse pâté or a light, creamy and smooth mousse.

4. Something Bready

Crostini, thin breadsticks or crackers add a crunch to the equation.

5. Something Sweet

Dried fruits, jams or chutneys pair well with salty, fatty meats.

6. Something Briny

Bold, acidic flavors like olives or stone ground mustard accent fuller, meatier flavors.

7. Cheese, Please

Regionally pair meats and cheese (prosciutto with Parmigiano-Reggiano) or combine balancing flavors (cool, spicier meats with mild, goat cheese or Gouda with bold flavored meats).


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