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School Bucks Registration

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Official Rules and Regulations

What is it?

School Bucks

School Bucks is an easy way for our community schools to earn money for educational equipment and materials. Fundraising with School Bucks is simple and convenient, and makes the most of what all of us do – shop for groceries! When Haggen CARD holders purchase participating School Bucks products, we donate a percentage of the sale of each item directly to the local school (public or private, preschool through 12th grade) of the card holder’s choosing.

Don’t miss out – register your school today!

Click Here to complete the registration form for your school today! Appointed School Bucks Representative (typically the school Principal or PTA) must complete the registration form.

*Note: If your school is nearby both a Haggen and TOP Food & Drug location there is no need to register twice. Simply fill out the registration form one time and your school will appear on both websites for customers to link their card to your school. The School Bucks Program is currently only available in our original 18 stores.

Sign-up is simple! Just link* your Haggen CARD to your school!

Beginning August 25th customers can link their Haggen CARD to your school by in our stores or by clicking on the School Bucks logo on our home page. From there they’ll enter their information and select your school from a drop down menu of options and click “Submit.” It’s that simple! Then the school of the customers’ choice is linked to their Haggen CARD until May 15 each year. The more people linked to your school, the more money your school can earn!

*Customers must re-link their Haggen CARD each year to the school of their choice.

What are the Participating Items?

There are thousands of School Bucks items in our stores at any given time. All participating items will be clearly marked with the School Bucks tag. Participating items may vary throughout the program, but will include everyday items. You’ll see the tags on national brand products like Nestle or Kraft, our own Haggen brand products, and many more.

How long does the program run?

Fundraising period: September 3rd – May 15th
Collection schedule: Check #1: September 3rd – December 31st
Check #2: January 1st – May 15th

How does my school receive the money raised?

Haggen will mail a maximum of two School Bucks checks to each participating school in the 2014-2015 school year. The first School Bucks check will be sent in January and the last will be sent in June. If a school earns less than $25 in the first collection period, their funds will roll over into the second pay period. After a school receives the first check, that school’s account will revert back to $0 and will begin accumulating funds for the next payout period. If a school earns less than $5 total at the end of the school year they will not receive a check.

How do you know what your school has earned?

Haggen will send a current dollars earned email out to schools appointed contact person at the end of each month.

Fundraising Tips

The success of School Bucks depends on you! We’ve seen schools increase their funds with just a little behind-the scenes effort, and we’re providing tools and tips to get you started:

Dear Haggen Guests,

treeHaggen believes a grocery store nourishes a community in many ways. Since 1933, when Ben and Dorothy Haggen opened their first store in Bellingham, Haggen has been committed to supporting the community we live in. That is why we make it a priority to give back to our neighborhoods where our shoppers and associates live and work. School Bucks is just one of the many ways we support our children and ensure they are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in school.

Your participation in our School Bucks program allows us to improve the quality of life for our youth, as well as the teachers who dedicate their time and energy to educating them.

School Bucks is easy both for our schools and for our customers. Every time you purchase a participating School Bucks item Haggen donates funds directly to your school where they can be used to purchase educational equipment and materials based on your individual school’s needs.

We’re looking forward to helping our neighborhood schools raise money! Thanks for your support and for being a loyal Haggen shopper.

Clement Stevens
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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