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Artisan Cheeses for Better Burgers

Artisan Cheese

Join our Ferndale Cheese Specialist, Darcie, as she explores her favorite cheeses to make your burgers even better this Labor Day.

With Labor Day approaching and the sun still shining bright, hamburgers are a staple into September. I don’t know about you, but I usually put sharp cheddar on top of my burger. But this month I’m trying some new cheeses you can find in Haggen’s artisan cheese case. Stop by your nearest Haggen and try one of our variations for a different topping on your next burger!

Castello Burger Blue

Simply put, Burger Blue is a Danish blue cheese already sliced for your burger. This cheese just hit our shelves, and its generous slices will give your burger the sharp bite it needs. No need to worry about the cheese tumbling off the burger and onto your grill anymore. And while you’re at it, try this on your next steak as well!

Yancy’s Fancy Steakhouse Onion

No need to sauté onions for your burger when you top it with this flavored cheddar. The savory onion flavor will hold up to any of the other toppings you like to add to your burger. With this creamy cheese, all the slicing, cooking and crying has been done for you.

Sierra Nevada Organic Smokehouse Jack

There is no lack of flavor in this organic jack cheese. Sierra Nevada takes their creamy jack cheese and hits it with the right amount of smoke to complement your burger. This is a great topping if for your turkey burgers, not too strong, not too mild.

artisan cheese

Artisan Cheeses for Better Burgers

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