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What’s All the Buzz About?

You may have seen bees in the news lately, tied to words like “endangered,” “colony collapse,” and “important pollinators.” That’s because native bee species have been in decline, and that has some big implications for all of us. It’s estimated that pollinators like bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food that we take, so it’s crucial that we all work together to protect the diversity of the species, keep crops pollinated, and keep our local farmers farming!

Some ideas for gardeners:

  • Focus on native wildflowers that pollinators like bees love, like lupine, camas, native showy milkweed and Douglas aster. Late-bloomers are especially uncommon in our region, making
    them even more important.
  • Reduce or eliminate insecticide use. Talk to neighbors and local government about doing the same in yards and public spaces.
  • Offer nesting sites. Many bees nest underground, in tree cavities or snags, or even in clumps of leaves, branches and cut grass.
  • Support organic food and seek out food from farms and companies that are actively working to protect bees and restore bee habitat.

Source: The Xerces Society

Plant a Bee Friendly Garden

As you enter your Haggen store, you’ll walk by our lush, 100% local garden department. Each living plant is thriving and ready to find its new home in your patio planter, window box, or the garden of your dreams. From perennials to annuals and vegetables, all of our plants and flowers are sourced from local growers, and are selected to thrive in our unique Pacific Northwest climate. We have a a full selection of specially marked bee-friendly plants, and our garden experts are full of tips and advice for everyone from the novice gardener to the greenhouse goddess. You’ll be amazed at how your garden grows.  



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