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How to Plant a Succulent & Orchid Planter

Let the beautiful textures and colors of  spring spill over into your home with an indoor container garden. One of our favorite indoor planters features Haggen’s unique new Miltonia orchid, along with unfussy succulents and sedums for simple care. Miltonias are often called Pansy Orchids due to their flat-faced, pansy-like flowers. These charming plants feature abundant, fragrant blooms on slender, arching stems.

Succulents and sedums require little care, making them ideal for a container garden, and they come in a huge variety of colors, sizes, and leaf shapes. For the most attractive, interesting container garden, use succulents and sedums of different heights and colors in a single planter to add dimension.

An indoor container garden can work in almost any room of your house, and with a little water and attention now and then, can continue to bring the outdoors in season after season!


How to plant a succulent and orchid planter

1. Pick up an orchid plus variety of succulents and sedums at Haggen

2. Select a planter with good drainage, and fill partially with potting soil

3. Experiment with plant placement

4. Place orchid container in planter; do not remove orchid from original container

5. Remove succulents and sedums from containers and place them around the orchid container

6. Fill in space around plants with potting soil

7. Decorate with stones or pebbles if desired

All of Haggen’s garden plants are 100% Northwest-grown!

Lush, healthy and grown to thrive in our Northwest climate, our locally grown plants are especially fresh and hardy because they haven’t traveled far to reach our stores—or your garden!

Whether you’re refreshing your patio planters and window boxes, or creating the garden of your dreams, check out our seasonal selection of colorful, healthy plants in the Haggen Garden Department. They’re Northwest-grown and Northwest Fresh, just like Haggen.


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