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DIY Spring Terrarium Centerpiece


Creating a spring terrarium for your Easter centerpiece is the perfect way to explore all the beauty this season has to offer and bring some Northwest greenery indoors to celebrate! This activity is great for children to get outside and explore. Make sure you remove plants and rocks from their environment gently and keep the longevity of our beautiful flora in mind.

  1. Put on your garden clogs and seek out some of our favorite greenery. Some of the best terrarium inhabitants include different: mosses, succulents, branches, small flowers, rocks or gravel and soil (find out the name of native plants you find at Northwest Native Plant Guide).
  2. Choose a clear glass jar or bowl to build your little mini garden. Wide bowls or mason jars work great.
  3. Fill your glass container about halfway with rocks or gravel.
  4. Pour 1-2 inches of soil on top of the rocks or gravel.
  5. Arrange your greenery in your mini garden and use small figurines to create a beautiful Spring scene.
  6. Remember to keep moist by spraying with water to extend the life of your terrarium.

terrarium top black

terrarium large side

terrarium small top


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