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Pence Orchards

Wapato, WA

The sweetest peach you’ll ever eat

Sharon and Bert Pence

Sharon and Bert Pence run Pence Orchards, a fourth generation family farm in the lower Yakima Valley. Their peaches are some of the best-tasting, sweetest you’ll ever eat, and Pence ensures their freshness is maintained during transit on the way to Haggen.

Pence Peaches are only handled twice: by the picker and packer. They’re not dumped into bins, loaded onto conveyor belts and housed in cold storage where flavor and sturdiness would be lost.

To ensure their peaches are true delights, experts handpick the peaches when they’re perfectly tree-ripened and ready to eat. In fact, Pence Peaches are only transported once their sugar content, measured by a tool called a refractometer, reaches at least 13%.

With a mouth-watering sweetness and juice that runs off your chin, many of our customers can’t wait to take a bite. But Pence Peaches are only available once a year, so stop by to get them before they’re gone!

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