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Bellewood Acres

Bellewood Acres

Responsible farming with delicious rewards

John & Dorie Belisle

Nestled in the shadow of Mt. Baker, BelleWood Acres is a community-centric farm operated by John and Dorie Belisle. They planted an orchard in 1996 which has since expanded to include more than 25,000 fruit trees with 15 delicious apples varieties. Now one of the largest U-Pick operations in western Washington, BelleWood operates with a philosophy centered on responsible farming.

They are active in several local organizations that promote sustainability, and even have their foods served in school districts such as the fine dining at Western Washington University. BelleWood is famous for more than their apples, however, as they also market themselves are sellers of treats “like grandma used to make.” This includes everything from apple cider and artisan cheese to specialty jams and honey.

BelleWood is a part of numerous local organizations that promote sustainability and actively encourages local friendships by providing concerts, tractor shows, wine and spirits festivals and other fun events to the public.