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Olives & Antipasti

Delicious from the start

The perfect antipasti platter can set the tone for an entire meal. Make sure to offer a variety of vibrant flavors and colors, including sweet peppers, olives, vegetables and spreads. Overwhelmed? Your Haggen store makes it simple to select a satisfying assortment from our carefully curated selection of more than 18 different antipasti and olives, prepackaged and ready to plate!


  • Marinated feta and olives in oil including tangy Danish feta, pimentostuffed green olives and pitted Kalamatas.

  • Sweety Drops, Peruvian Peppers are vividly red, teardrop-shaped and bursting with sweet and sour flavor. A surefire way to liven up salads, flatbreads and pasta dishes.

  • Castelvetrano olives are named after the town where they are grown on Sicily’s northern coast. They shine with a natural bright green color that is only outdone by their alluringly sweet taste.

  • Greek Kalamatas have a firm texture, fruity taste and wine-infused snap. The classic olive for Greek salads and mezze platters. Exquisite in pasta sauce.

  • Green Cerignola olives are hand-picked in Italy and carefully cured without additives to preserve their authentic buttery flavor and meaty texture.

  • Greek olive mix is a delightful medley of Kalamata, Mt. Athos, Mt. Pelion blond or black, Gordal, and Nafplion olives in aromatic wild herbs. An easy-to-serve, crowd-pleasing appetizer.

  • Gigandes beans, named for their massive size, are a knockout ingredient in salads or pastas. Plump and creamy, they’re marinated in a tangy vinaigrette with red pepper strips and aromatic herbs.

  • Mt. Athos green olives stuffed with garlic have crunchy, aromatic garlic cloves which lend fresh and tangy flavor to luscious, smooth and buttery Mt. Athos olives.


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