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The Fine Art of Pairing Cheese & Chocolate

Cheese and chocolate: One traditionally savory… the other renowned for being sweet. We love to eat them alone, but together they’re a flavor explosion in your mouth. Our Ferndale Cheese Specialist, Darcie, takes us through in the fine art of pairing a delectable chocolate with a creamy fromage just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate and cheese share many of the same flavor qualities—rich, bold, robust, creamy—so pairing these two indulgent favorites is not as outlandish as you might imagine. There are no hard rules to pairing cheese with chocolate but here are a few pointers on best practices:

  • Start with your favorite cheese.
  • When choosing chocolate, dark chocolate works with practically any cheese you choose.
  • When tasting, the cheese should be twice the bite of the chocolate. Start with a taste of cheese and then go for the chocolate.
  • For the adventuresome add some texture. Try chocolate covered toffee, chocolate caramels or espresso beans.

Here are some of my favorite pairings to get you started. Adding a craft stout beer into the mix enhances the flavors with its chocolate, caramel and coffee notes.

Iowa Maytag Blue, Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles & Whidbey’s Washington Port

The sharp blue and indulgent truffle are brought together with a sip of this Washington made port wine.

Parmigianino Reggiano & Scharffenberger 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

You need only the smallest piece of each to feel satisfied.

Sartori Asiago, POP! Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt Popcorn & Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout

Cut small cubes of the Asiago and toss in with this pre-made popcorn found in our chip aisle. The stout beer not only works well with the salt in the popcorn but also has a chocolate finish.


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