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Early Autumn Cheese Pairings

Join our Ferndale Cheese Specialist, Darcie, as she explores the rich and hearty flavors of fall with her favorite ciders, seasonal fruits and pumpkin goodness paired with her favorite cheeses of autumn.

Personally, my favorite time of year is right now. Cool in the morning and evening, sunny during the day. It took a while but now I’m ready to buy my pumpkins and place them in every nook and cranny of my house. It’s right about this time of year when my taste buds change too. Out are the plums and nectarines and in are the cravings for a juicy, sweet apple. But don’t worry if you’re not quite ready for autumn yet, these cheese pairings will undoubtedly get you in the mood.


Rembrandt Extra Aged Gouda & BelleWood Acres HoneyCrisp Apple

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Nothing against a good sharp cheddar, but have you ever tried an aged Gouda? Where cheddar is salty, sharp and tangy, the aged Gouda is salty and full bodied. Maturing for a full year, the deep, hearty flavor has just the slightest bit of tanginess and pairs wonderfully with BelleWood Acres HoneyCrisp Apples. Did you know that Haggen is the only grocery store to carry this apple? While all the other stores in town are selling the Eastern Washington HoneyCrisps, we have them from right here in Whatcom County, where they actually grow better due to our climate west of the Cascades. This makes BelleWood Acres apples, larger, juicier and sweeter than their Eastern Washington counterpart.


Mi Froma Cave Aged Gruyere and Di Lusso Smoked Ham and Ace Joker Cider

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Here’s another twist on an old favorite. Try using gruyere in place of cheddar on your next grilled cheese and ham sandwich. I like Haggen sourdough loaves from the Bakery. No need to overdo buttering your bread because this 11-month aged gruyere is rich and buttery in itself. Add in Di Lusso Smoked Ham to add depth and character and wash it all down with (a cider) to lighten up your taste buds. You may never go back to a traditional grilled cheese sandwich again.


Rising Sun Farms Pumpkin Spice Torta and Santuario Moscato D’Asti

fallcheese_web images-06

If you can’t wait for the spices of fall then this cheese is for you. The combination of pumpkin, spices and hazelnuts will surely settle your craving. This layered cheese torta is great on a bagel or cracker, but I would serve it on a lovely butter cookie while drinking Cascina del Santuario Moscato d’Asti. Not only does this torta taste great, but the presentation is beautiful. Simply place the container in a bowl of hot water for 1 minute and invert onto your cheese tray or plate. The layers of cream cheese, brown sugar spice and nuts look beautiful for your holiday soirée.


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