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September is Eat Local Month

We’re partnering with Sustainable Connections this month to celebrate September Eat Local Month throughout Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan & Island Counties. Did you know we have over 2000 items in our stores that are locally produced or grown in Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan or Island Counties? Look for the Eat Local tags while you shop and pick up an Eat Local Passport in our stores. You’ll get a passport stamp when you spend $10 on local products in our store. Check out the deliciously local grand prizes on Sustainable Connections’ website.  With so much local variety you can fill your plate all month with Northwest Fresh flavors while supporting local business owners in your community.

This month is packed with lots of family fun events to learn about our local food supply and celebrate the agriculturally-rich region which we live. We’ll be hosting local tasting and demos all month long in our Whatcom and Skagit stores so stop in to discover your next favorite Northwest treat. Visit the Sustainable Connections event page for a full month of local foodie events.

To kickoff your locally-inspired menus, see what our buyers have to say about their favorite Northwest item!

eat local month_web images-07HoneyCrisp Apples from BelleWood Acres (From Lynden, WA)

“HoneyCrisp taste best grown west of the mountains with cooler weather. Ten years ago, owners John and Dorie planted their orchard then went looking for their first customer, it ended up being Haggen. Together, that first year we sold 25,000 pounds and got the farm off the ground. We continued to have a strong partnership with them as they expanded their products to cider, caramel dips, peanut butter, apple chips and spirits. As a team we help each other grow sales and make our community stronger.” –Lee R., Produce Buyer



 eat local month_web images-08Black Market Hot Sauce (From Everson, WA)

“I add these flavorful hot sauces to nearly ever comfort food when I need a little heat, especially as Fall comes around! They started out as such a small operation (and still are), yet they’ve made their way into many local restaurants or culinary stop in the Northwest—one of my favorite local success stories!” –Daryl T., Grocery Buyer



eat local month_web images-09Haggen Bakery Items (Made In Our Stores)

“Not to toot my own horn but I love the made-from-scratch bakery items like our breads, cinnamon bread, scones, cakes and donuts which are made as local as you can get—inside our stores! Our bakeries start at 4am every day with sourcing and gathering ingredients, masterfully blending them all together, working the dough by hand and machine and using sophisticated proofing and ovens to finish baking our items to perfection.” —Steve H., Bakery Manager



eat local month_web images-09

Rainy Day Kitchen Biscotti (From Bellingham, WA)

“I love our Rainy Day Kitchen Biscotti. It’s a perfect combination of flavor and crunch, plus they’re made by our very own Kyoung Croft who works in our Barkley store. Right now we only have them in our Whatcom stores, but if you get a chance to pick some up I highly suggest enjoying them with your morning coffee. They come in five flavors: Original, Half-n-Half Chocolate, Spicy Ginger, Sweet Almond and Lemon Drop.” —Joel T., Grocery Buyer





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